How to Decorate Your Kids_ Room with Style

Decorating a kids’ room or nursery can be a little daunting if you’ve never done it before, as their needs are very different to an adult when it comes to furniture, arranging the space, and decor. Follow our top tips for decorating a child’s room with ease!

Top Decorating Tips for Your Kids’ Room

Add Colour

Although neutrals are calming and on-trend, kids will love to have some bright colours incorporated into their room with a couple of fun prints and a patterned rug.

Don’t Forget About Storage

 Storage is very important in any kids’ bedroom and is the easiest way to keep things neat and tidy. Choose big wicker and seagrass baskets that can be used as toy buckets, or recycled plastic crates.

Create a Quiet Space

 For both older children and toddlers, it can be a great idea to have a relaxing and peaceful reading nook, with lots of comfy cushions. A fabric tipi is a good way to create this kind of space, and you can hang fairy lights up to make it even more magical.

Make It Personal

 Fill your child’s bedroom with personal touches, such as prints with their name on, or that capture their favourite animals, activities, or hobbies. Don’t worry too much about having every surface clutter-free, but keep some of their favourite books and toys on display shelves. Invest in some cushions with their initials on and ask your child what they would like their room to look like.

Sustainable Interior Design Materials for Decorating Your Home

Sustainable interior design has become trendy in recent years. It’s all about adding materials to your interiors with a less ecological footprint and adding an exciting feel and touch to your interior. You should, however, not be boxed by the traditional ideas of recycled design elements. Today there are elegant and sleek sustainable interior design materials.


Bamboo should top your shopping list of structural materials you need for a home makeover. Bamboo is versatile, very flexible, and, most importantly, very strong. It is an excellent choice for interior décor and a solid choice for outdoor furniture, decorations, and planters as a fast-growing plant.

Natural stone

Travertine and marble are great natural stones for your home. They are available in various patterns and colours, so you’re likely to find something you like. If you’re planning for a bath or kitchen makeover, a natural stone like travertine will add colour and elegance at the same time.


Cork has been relegated to office bulletin boards for the longest time. It is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. This tree replenishes its bark every nine years, so removing the dead bark doesn’t hurt. This makes cork one of the most environmentally friendly interior design materials. You can use it on walls, accessories, floors, and as an insulating material. Let it remain on your office bulletin board, but also use it to replace the ugly anti-fatigue mat at your standing desk.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is yet another multipurpose material that is the king of flexibility. There are several ways to use it, from building with it to making furniture. Use reclaimed wood if you want to add earthy or a slightly masculine vibe to your home interiors. It also adds contrast to a bright Mid-century styled home.


Leather’s buttery and smooth comfort, like what you get from a leather sofa, will add sophistication to any room. Besides the well-known leather sofas, other items like plate covers and picture frames are made from leather. Leather adds an elegant touch to any space.

Going green has taken centre stage in almost all aspects of human life. Sustainable materials let home designers reduce their projects’ ecological footprint while still incorporating elements of design.

Also, check Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials for inspiration.

Spruce Up Your Interior with Creative Vinyl Storage Ideas

Music has been around for thousands of years, and while digital music has taken the world by storm, some people still feel attracted to vintage vinyl recordings. Some keep small collections and some vast ones. Regardless of your collection’s size, it’s crucial to carefully organize your vinyl records and carefully consider various storage solutions.

Although shelves are the classic choice for vinyl record storage, there are other fun options like the vinyl storage solutions by Tylko. Maybe you should try any of these creative vinyl storage ideas.

Magazine files

Magazine files let you see your collections and provide proper airflow while keeping your records upright. They come in various colors and materials. You can customize magazine files by decoupaging them with pics of your favorite bands. The best magazine file should be at least 13″ square.

Storage trunks

Storage trucks are among the safest options for keeping your vinyl. Ensure the truck is well aerated to reduce humidity buildup. If you go for a vintage steamer trunk, check through to make sure there is no mold or damaging substances in the trunk.

Antique furniture

Antique furniture pieces are a classic and fun choice for storing vinyl record collections. You can either use a furniture piece designed for vinyl storage or any other purpose. For example, buffets and sideboards can be perfect. Also, dressers with deep drawers can be ideal too. It would be best if you made sure the furniture you choose fits all storage requirements.

Stackable vinyl record storage

Some designers make small wooden racks for vinyl record storage. These standalone crates can hold up to 40 to 100 albums. However, they are made in a way it’s easy to stack them together. Therefore, if your collection grows, you can add more storage without taking up more of your precious space. They are the best option for collectors who expect their collections to continue to grow over time.

Modular open cube storage

Open cubes work well for almost any storage. From books, DVDs to CDs and vinyl recordings. They can be made of wood frames, making them strong and affordable. You can decide to paint or stain them to your specifications.

Vinyl recordings are expensive, and you’d want them to be in good shape many years from now. To get the most out of your vinyls, be sure to find a storage solution that will work for you.