How to Decorate Your Kids_ Room with Style

Decorating a kids’ room or nursery can be a little daunting if you’ve never done it before, as their needs are very different to an adult when it comes to furniture, arranging the space, and decor. Follow our top tips for decorating a child’s room with ease!

Top Decorating Tips for Your Kids’ Room

Add Colour

Although neutrals are calming and on-trend, kids will love to have some bright colours incorporated into their room with a couple of fun prints and a patterned rug.

Don’t Forget About Storage

 Storage is very important in any kids’ bedroom and is the easiest way to keep things neat and tidy. Choose big wicker and seagrass baskets that can be used as toy buckets, or recycled plastic crates.

Create a Quiet Space

 For both older children and toddlers, it can be a great idea to have a relaxing and peaceful reading nook, with lots of comfy cushions. A fabric tipi is a good way to create this kind of space, and you can hang fairy lights up to make it even more magical.

Make It Personal

 Fill your child’s bedroom with personal touches, such as prints with their name on, or that capture their favourite animals, activities, or hobbies. Don’t worry too much about having every surface clutter-free, but keep some of their favourite books and toys on display shelves. Invest in some cushions with their initials on and ask your child what they would like their room to look like.